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Online Dance Lesson Videos

We have a variety of options for learning to dance online.  Whilst we no longer offer a streamed option for our live group classes, you can still book in private lessons via Zoom.  We also offer the options to have a private group class via Zoom.

You can always check out our YouTube gallery of free lessons, with options for Solo dancers and kids too.

Zoom Classes

Book Zoom private lessons as well as private group classes online.

YouTube Channel

View our most recent YouTube online dance videos.

Lessons Catch-Up

Catch-up with our online Solo, Partner, Kids and Sequence lessons.

photo of a TV screen showing a zoom worldwide dance class with various screens of people taking part in dance classes & lessons (including from Japan & Denmark!)
Looking for online dance lessons?

Zoom Private Dance Lessons & Classes

Don't live close enough to the studio to visit, or can't fit dance lessons in around your work schedule?

Have you considered booking a Zoom Dance Lesson with Learn To Dance?

We offer private online dance lessons and group classes.  Whether it's to learn a dance for your wedding, brush up on the basics, or a fun corporate event we've got you covered.

For private lessons with one of our instructors you can book directly online or use the search box.  When booking please choose the 'Zoom' option for the lesson type.

If you want to book a private group dance class on Zoom, for friends/family/colleagues please choose that option.

If you are looking for a Zoom corporate activity or team building event please contact us to discuss your options.

Packages for in-person lessons are also valid for Zoom lessons.

A link for your private Zoom online dance lesson is emailed to you along with the password required to access.

Book Zoom Lessons or Private Classes

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Streaming Tips & Tricks

If you haven't tried our streamed classes and lessons before you can get some handy tips & tricks on our blog.

Online Dance Lesson Videos on YouTube

You can catch up with our online dance lesson videos directly on our Youtube channel or by searching for 'learndance'.

Below you will also find a selection of our free lessons along with routine demos and music links.

Solo Dance Routines
Kid's Dance Lessons
Partner Dancing Lessons
Sequence Dancing Lessons

Solo Dance Routines

Each week we choose a different song and Antony choreographs a solo dance routine to it.

We aim to have a variety of dance styles and tempos for you to try.  Each routine will feature a mixture of simple steps as well as at least one tricky movement to test you.

You can see our most recent videos below, or click here to see all our Solo Dance Routine lessons.

Kid's Ballroom Dance Classes

Our kid's online dance lesson videos follow a similar format to our regular Rainbow classes.

We have a brief warm-up followed by a couple of simple dances to get everyone moving and then on to the dance we're focusing on.

They're designed to be a bit of fun that parents can take part in with their children.

You can see our most recent videos below, or click here to see all our Kid's Ballroom Dance Class lessons.

Partner Ballroom Dance Classes

A selection of small compact routines for a variety of dances.  Moves that are easy to incorporate into your regular dancing.

Designed for couples to be able to practice at home.

You can see our most recent videos below, or click here to see all our Partner Ballroom Dance Class lessons.

Sequence Dances for Small Spaces online dance lesson

We've taken some of the popular sequence dances and adapted them for confined spaces.

You can see our most recent videos below, or click here to see all our Sequence Dance for Small Spaces lessons.

I've Enjoyed Your Online Dance Lesson Videos, what next?

Hopefully our selection of online dance lesson videos has given you a taster of what we offer.  If you're near enough to our studio, why not come along and join a class?