Basic Social Foxtrot for Kids

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In this video we’ll be taking you through some basic Social Foxtrot steps for the kids (although adults can certainly give it a go too!)

Our classes are broken down into easy to follow sections that build up to a small routine for the kids to practice.

The focus is on the kids having fun whilst learning to dance.

The Dance – Social Foxtrot

For this lesson Antony & Imogen show you some basic Social Foxtrot steps adapted for kids.

The Social Foxtrot is a nice and simple dance and you can adapt it for most spaces.

We start off with the Basic. This move involves two slow walks before a quick side close, with partners mirroring each other.

Next you will learn the promenade, which is the basic walks danced together with your partner, down the room.

Finally we’ll add in a solo spin which should still feature the same number of steps as the basic, but we don’t mind if it takes a few more to get round!

The Basic Social Foxtrot For Kids Music

The music we have chosen for our Kid’s dance class is Jolly Jules by Mid Knight:

Our Basic Social Foxtrot for Kids online video

We hope your kids enjoy our video lesson showing them the basic dance steps.

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