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What level should I come to?

Should you be coming to our Improver, Intermediate or Advanced Ballroom and Latin American classes and workshops?  Depending on how long you've been dancing, we have a number of options to choose from.

Improver or Improver 2

Classes for those that have been with us from 6 months to 5 years.  Covering Bronze level steps and sequences to take your dancing to the next level.

One Dance Courses

Six week courses on either Mondays or Thursdays at 7pm.  Focusing on one dance including improving your technique, and learning a sequence of moves.


Our Intermediate Ballroom and Latin American Level dancers tend to have been learning with us 4 to 8 years.  Steps and sequences are taken from Silver level.

Regular Workshops

We run a variety of workshops throughout the month at different levels.  Mainly on Sunday afternoons or our Improver to Intermediate pre-social workshop on a Friday.


Gold level and above classes and workshops.  Dancers tend to have been dancing 8 years plus or have extensive Ballroom and Latin American experience.

Dance Breaks

There are a couple of Ballroom and Latin American dance weekends that we run throughout the year.  These are a great opportunity to learn some new steps, whilst having a fun weekend away with other students.

Improver to Intermediate Group Shot

Regular Weekly Classes

Below you'll find details of the weekly classes that we run for once you are ready to progress past beginner.  Our different levels of Improver to Intermediate and Advanced Ballroom and Latin American normally follow the NATD ballroom syllabus.

For each level we have also given a few examples of the sort of steps covered.  If you have been learning elsewhere this will help give you an idea of the right level to join.

Improver Level

Mondays & Thursdays at 9pm, Sundays at 8pm

Have you been coming to our beginner classes and wondering where to go from there?  Our Improver level classes are on the same night as beginner and aim to take you to the next level of your dancing.

At Improver level we assume you are confident with the basics.  When first moving up to Improver it is therefore recommended to attend both the Beginner and Improver on the same night.  We give you a discount off of the second class.

Once you are happy and confident in the basics you can transition fully to Improver level.

Our Beginner and Improver Level classes cover the basic Bronze level steps.  We tend to do the same steps in rotation.  Examples of the sort of steps covered are:

  • Waltz
    • Beginner - basic 'change' step, natural turn
    • Improver - Reverse turn, simplified Natural Spin Turn
  • Cha Cha
    • Beginner - Basics, Underarm Turn, Hand to Hands
    • Improver - Underarm turn to Left, New Yorks, Shoulder to Shoulder

Improver classes take place on Mondays & Thursdays at 9pm and Sundays at 8pm.

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Improver Level 2

Wednesdays at 7.45pm

At this level we focus on the later Bronze level steps or sequences.  We will also spend time going over technique in more detail.

Most attendees to this level have been coming to us for between 2 and 5 years.

Examples of the sort of steps covered (we choose different things to look at each rotation):

  • Waltz
    • Whisk & Chasse
    • Double Reverse Spin
    • Outside Change
  • Cha Cha
    • Fan with Hockey Stick or Alemana
    • Natural Top
    • Closed Hip Twist

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Wednesdays at 8.45pm

Now we move onto Silver level steps and techniques.

Normally our Wednesday night classes move in a progression.  So the steps or sequences learnt in the first class that week are taken further in each subsequent level.

Examples of the sort of steps covered at this level include:

  • Waltz
    • Open Telemark
    • Whisk & Weave
    • Wing
  • Cha Cha
    • Open Hip Twist
    • Reverse Top
    • Cuban Breaks

Students at this level have normally been attending classes between 4-8 years.  They also tend to attend either the Improver Level 2 class beforehand, or the Advanced class afterwards and you get a discount attending two or more classes on the same night.

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Wednesdays at 9.45pm

This is our Gold level and above class.  Our regulars have been coming to us generally for over 7 years (including our first 'actual' students).

As well as covering steps from the Gold syllabus we will also show fun or tricky variations.  Often we will recap recent Advanced Workshops or look at upcoming exam sequences.

Examples of steps we can cover in this class include:

  • Waltz
    • Turning Lock to Right
    • Left Whisk
    • Fallaway Reverse Slip Pivot
    • Turning Chasse to Spin (above Gold)
  • Cha Cha
    • Turkish Towel
    • Follow my Leader
    • Sweetheart
    • Freeze Hip Twist (above Gold)

You can also check out our monthly 'Masterclass' sessions (normally on the first Sunday of the month).  In these we look at Gold and above level steps putting together more advanced and tricky sequences.

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Improver and Above Schedule

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