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LearnToDance was set up by husband and wife team Antony & Emma-Louise Holeksa in May 2006.

The first dance class was for friends of one of Antony’s colleagues (back when he had a 'proper job') who wanted a regular weekly Ballroom and Latin American class, but were struggling to find a class near their location in Hayes.

Antony & Emma started running a 2 hour class on a Monday night for the group and, after finding out how much they enjoyed teaching, Antony & Emma decided to try setting up their own class nearer to home. This lead to the birth of their first group class in Eton.

Time to Quit?

It is hard to believe it now but they very nearly called it quits!  The hall was reserved and paid for and leaflets were dropped through local doors.  Yet the only student was the ballet teacher hiring the hall before them.

This continued for a number of weeks until a friend mentioned an article he’d read in the Reader’s Digest.  In the article they had been discussing Strictly Come Dancing and where readers could go to find classes.  The website danceweb.co.uk was listed and it was suggested Learn To Dance try listing the classes on there.

Having completed the listing, Antony and Emma turned up the next week hoping for more eager dance hopefuls, but still no new students.

A few more sessions went by with no luck and Antony stated, ‘If no one else comes tonight, we’re calling an end to this.’  Believe it or not, on that very night, two new students turned up, both of whom are still with us to this day.

Into our own Studio

From there the school grew and evolved into what you see today.  We at Learn To Dance were ecstatic to move into our own dance studio, Cherry Orchard Pavilion, in November 2016.

There were a lot of costs in setting up our own studio and a few students suggested we crowdfund it. A proposal was put together and sent out to all of our students.

The response was overwhelming and we actually exceeded our target!  By August 2019 we had completed the final repayments to the students that lent us money.  We will be eternally grateful for the trust and support these students put into us as they made our dreams come true.

It wasn’t just financial though.  So many students gave up their free time to help us decorate the new studio and bring about the LearnToDance home.

Now based at our studio in Burnham, we look forward to welcoming you soon.

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