Group Ballroom Dance Workshops

Ballroom and Latin American Dance Workshops

Here at LearnToDance we run a variety of regular and one-off group ballroom dance workshops catering for most of the levels we teach.

It's not just Ballroom and Latin American.  We also have film based workshops as well as covering dances such as Charleston and American Smooth.

If you're looking for details of what we can offer for corporate workshops/events head over here.

One Dance Courses

Courses focusing on a single dance that extend in 6 week blocks.  Including improving your technique.

Sequence Workshops

A monthly workshop teaching a single sequence dance.  Followed by a social dance session.

One-Off Workshops

A two hour workshop in a dance or style we don't normally cover such as Charleston or American Smooth

Sequence Dance Workshops & Social

Our monthly Sequence Dance Workshop & Social normally take place on the 4th or 5th Sunday of the month.

Sequence Dancing refers to a type of Ballroom dancing where couples all dance the same 16 bar routine at the same time.

In the workshop part of the session we break the routine of that month's sequence dance down into smaller repeatable chunks that build up towards the full routine.

Following the completion of the routine we then move into a general Ballroom and Latin American practice session, mixed in with their Sequence counterparts.

The workshop and social costs £12.50 per person.

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One-Off Workshops

At various points throughout the year, normally when it's a five Sunday month, we run a 'one-off' workshop in a dance or style that we don't normally cover in our regular classes.

You can expect to see workshops pop up in Charleston, American Smooth, Paso Doble, Mambo and anything else we're in the mood for!

The workshops cost £20 per person or £30 for a couple dancing together (Charleston tends to be a solo workshop so is £20pp).

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