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Group Ballroom Dance Workshops

Ballroom and Latin American Dance Workshops

Here at LearnToDance we run a variety of regular and one-off group ballroom dance workshops catering for most of the levels we teach.

It's not just Ballroom and Latin American.  We also have film based workshops as well as covering dances such as Charleston and American Smooth.

If you're looking for details of what we can offer for corporate workshops/events head over here.

One Dance Courses

Six week courses focusing on a single dance.  Including improving your technique.

Improver Workshop

For those looking to focus on technique and add in a few fun steps or variations to their basic routines.

Advanced Workshop

Test your Ballroom and Latin American with our Gold & Above monthly workshop.

Sequence Workshops

A monthly workshop teaching a single sequence dance.  Followed by a social dance session.

One-Off Workshops

A two hour workshop in a dance or style we don't normally cover such as Charleston or American Smooth

Film Workshops

A workshop based on the film we're screening.  Inspired by moves in our quarterly cinema night film.

Monthly Improver Workshop

Each month, normally on the 3rd Sunday of the month, we run a 2 hour Improver workshop.

The first half of the workshop focuses on improving your technique whilst the second half looks to add in steps and sequences you may not have seen.

The workshop costs £20 per person or £30 for a couple dancing together.

Improver & Above Pre-Social Workshop

These take place before our regular monthly socials (except on special socials such as our BBQ Summer Social).

This is a 45 minute workshop to show a couple of fun sequences you can add into your regular dance routines.

You can attend just the workshop or we give you a discount to stay on for that evening's social dance.  £7.50 per person or £12 to include the social.

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Advanced Workshops

Our monthly Advanced Master Classes normally take place on the first Sunday of the month.

Designed for those that have been dancing for a number of years we look at a selection of sequences from Gold level and above in a different dance each month.

The workshop costs £20 per person or £30 for a couple dancing together.

For details of the regular weekly classes we offer for more experienced dancers, check out our Intermediate and Above classes.

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Sequence Dance Workshops & Social

Our monthly Sequence Dance Workshop & Social normally take place on the last Sunday of the month.

Sequence Dancing refers to a type of Ballroom dancing where couples all dance the same 16 bar routine at the same time.

In the workshop part of the session we break the routine of that month's sequence dance down into smaller repeatable chunks that build up towards the full routine.

Following the completion of the routine we then move into a general Ballroom and Latin American practice session, with a section in the middle dedicated to our last three sequence dances.

The workshop and social costs £12.50 per person.

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One-Off Workshops

At various points throughout the year, normally when it's a five Sunday month, we run a 'one-off' workshop in a dance or style that we don't normally cover in our regular classes.

You can expect to see workshops pop up in Charleston, American Smooth, Paso Doble, Mambo and anything else we're in the mood for!

The workshops cost £20 per person or £30 for a couple dancing together (Charleston tends to be a solo workshop so is £20pp).

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Cinema Night Workshops

Once a quarter we tend to hold a Cinema Night where we select a musical, or film with a dance theme, to screen at our studio.

Before the screening starts at around 8.45pm we run a workshop inspired by the film at 7.30pm.  Often we will select a track from the film, or a suitable cover, and choreograph a routine using elements from any dancing that features in the film.

These are fun workshops where dressing to theme is encouraged and you can see some of our past routines on our YouTube channel.

The workshop costs £7.50 per person, or £12 to include the film screening.

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About Us

LearnToDance is a Ballroom and Latin American dance school based in Berkshire & South Buckinghamshire.

Address: Cherry Orchard Pavilion, Britwell Road, Burnham, SL1 2DA

Phone: 01628 663401


Our Services

At LearnToDance we offer a variety of dance styles and levels.  In addition we also provide First Dance choreography and run regular Social Events.

Classes and private lessons run throughout the week and are mainly based at our dedicated studio in Burnham.

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