Over 50s Ballroom and Latin American

Our Over 50s Ballroom and Latin American classes are fun social classes aimed at a mixed ability range of people.

Each week we look at two dances, one Ballroom and one Latin American.  The classes commence with a recap of the previous week's dance, before looking at the next one in the rolling cycle.

The Over 50s Ballroom and Latin American classes are mixed ability classes and as such we are not always able to go over the basics of a dance.  If you are a complete beginner you may wish to consider our Adult Beginner Classes.

Where and when are our Over 50s Ballroom and Latin American classes?

Our class runs on a Tuesday afternoon 1pm-2.30pm including tea & coffee practice time.

The Friday class for the RBWM at Magnet Leisure Centre has been cancelled indefinitely due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

How Much Do The Over 50s Ballroom and Latin American Classes Cost?

It costs £8.50 per person, £38.25 for 5 sessions (valid for 3 months) or £68 for 10 sessions (valid for 6 months).

Can I Come On My Own?

You are welcome to come to our classes on your own.

Below you can see our Class Timetable for the coming week.  To see further ahead, just change the date at the top of the schedule.

If you want to view our printable class timetable click here.

You can also book yourself into any of the sessions using the ‘Book’ option next to the class.

If there is no book option, the class or course may be fully booked or the booking window has closed.

It may be possible to still book in but you will need to contact us to confirm availability.

Where's My Class Gone?

Those classes that are term time only won’t show on the schedule outside of Buckinghamshire school term dates.

Sometimes we may introduce new classes, or remove old ones, depending on depand and scheduling requirements.

Do I Just Dance With My Partner?

Those that come with a partner can stay with their partner all night - we don't force couples to swap partners.

What If I Don't Have a Partner?

If you don't have a partner that's not a problem.  Although we can't always guarantee even numbers, we'll do our best to make sure you get plenty of dances.

Alternatively you may wish to consider our Solo Dance Routines classes.

Please note however we ask you to please wear a mask if partnering our teachers.

We ask all solo dancers upon arrival if they are happy to dance with another student, and their preference on masks.

You are then issued with a coloured sticker so that everyone knows who is happy to dance, and whether that is with our without a mask.

  • Green - open to all partnering, no masks
  • Yellow - open to all partnering but I want us to both wear masks
  • Red - at this time I am not comfortable dancing with someone else

Alternatively you can try our Solo Routines classes too.

Do You Do Sequence Dancing?

We don't do sequence dancing generally in the Over 50s Ballroom and Latin American dance classes.  However we do run a monthly sequence dance workshop and practice session, normally on the last Sunday of the month.

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