Solo Tango Dance Routine

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We have put together a solo Tango-inspired routine for you to practice in your front rooms.

There was a slight issue with our camera being set on auto-focus near the start so we apologise for the couple of moments the focus slips early on.

The routine is taught in easy to follow stages that build you up to a full choreographed routine. There’s plenty of opportunities to practice the routine throughout the video.

Solo Tango – The Dance

For this Solo Tango routine we have taken a variety of Tango steps, ranging from Bronze level all the way up to above Gold. We have adapted them to be danced on your own, and in a confined space.

You start off with some nice simple Walks and Progressive Side Steps, rotating around or you can just go straight forward and back if you prefer.

Then we introduce our Contra Checks, and a variation on a promenade movement.

We’ll have half a Reverse Turn with some Rocks and Swivels as the music takes a break.

Then we’re into our trickier section of the routine. There’ll be an Oversway, the Chase, and a Point-cross-slip before a variation on the gold level Basic Reverse Turn. There’s some nice simple step and points to recover on the first go round too!

Finally we introduce some Progressive Side Step Reverse Turns with extra rocks so there’s plenty of challenge to this Solo Tango routine.

The Music

The music for this routine is Baby You Are Really Hurting Me by Aldenmark Niklasson feat. Edie

See the Solo Tango lesson video

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