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So in this video we’re going to collate a selection of our Solo Dance Routines into a Solo Dance Fitness Class.

We’ll ease you in slowly before building up to fast dances like the Jive, and then coming back down to end with a nice slow Rumba.

Apart from a few quick hints and tips we’re not really going to be teaching the routines, so if you want to brush up on the individual routines you can find links to their lessons below:

The Dances – Brush Up On The Routines

  • Salsa
    • including Cucaracha, Back Basics, a Chassé, Cross Basic, Basic with Turns, and a Pata Mala
  • Samba
    • including Reverse Basics, Whisks, Bota Fogos, Solo Spot Voltas
  • Cha Cha
    • including Alternative Basics, Open Basics, Cuban breaks (including split Cuban breaks), New Yorks, Spot Turns and then a Zig-Zag grapevine with a spring and flick
  • Quickstep
    • including Quarter Turns to the Right and Progressive Chassés, Charleston, Tipsies to the Right and Left and Lock Steps
  • Viennese Waltz
    • including Pendulum Swings/Hesitation Changes, Natural and Reverse Turns, and a spin (Canter Pivot)
  • Jive
    • including Swivels, Fallaway Rocks, Mooch, Toe-Heel Swivels, Flick Ball-Changes, ‘Flicks and Kicks’, Chicken Walks and Stalking Walks, Flick and Break
  • Charleston
    • including Scissor Kicks, Suzy Q’s, Tick Tocks, Cross Points, The Lock Turn, Charleston Basics with kicks, Flying Charleston, and Spank The Baby.
  • Tango
    • including Walks and Progressive Side Steps, Contra Checks and Promenade, Reverse Turn with some Rocks and Swivels, Oversway, the Chase, and a Point-cross-slip, Basic Reverse Turn
  • Rumba
    • including Alternative Basics, Open Basics, Rumba Walks, Cuban Rocks, Cucarachas, Open Outs/Hand-To-Hands, Solo Spirals, Grapevines and Advanced Leg Turns

See our Solo Ballroom Dance Fitness Class video

Once you’ve brushed up on the routines you can try our solo dance fitness class video below:

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