Solo Viennese Waltz Dance Routine

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We have put together a solo Viennese Waltz-inspired routine for you to practice in your front rooms.

We have taught the routine in easy to follow stages that build you up to a full choreographed routine. There’s also plenty of opportunities to practice the routine throughout the video.

The Dance – Viennese Waltz

The Viennese Waltz is the dance of the traditional Austrian Balls (in fact we went to the Austrian Club of London’s Ball recently).

Theoretically it features partner’s whirling around the floor in perfect unison, but in reality the floor can be so packed that all you can do is swing together on the spot.

We’ve taken this idea of the pendulum swings and built up a solo Viennese Waltz routine around it, as well as including an element of American Smooth too.

Featuring Pendulum Swings/Hesitation Changes, Natural and Reverse Turns (without the crossing!), and a spin (Canter Pivot). There might not be many steps, but once you start bringing in the embellishments it does start to build up!

The Music

The music we have chosen for this Solo Viennese Waltz routine is ‘Goodbye Virginia’ by Sture Zetterberg:

See the Solo Viennese Waltz Video

Below you’ll find our Solo Viennese Waltz lesson. We hope you enjoy the video.

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