Argentine Stroll, adapted for smaller spaces

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Looking to learn the Argentine Stroll but don’t have the space, or want to practice at home? Check out our sequence for small spaces series of videos.

Sequence dancing is where you repeat the same 16 or 32 bar routine throughout a song, dancing around the room, and in sync with everyone else.

Now that’s great when you have the space! What we’re going to show you today is how to practice the basic movements in your front room.

The Dance – Argentine Stroll

Argentine Stroll is based loosely on Argentine Tango, but you wouldn’t want to dance it at your local Milonga!

We feel it’s one of, if not THE, hardest sequence dance we’ve come across. To make it easier to learn, we’re going to break it down into easy to master chunks. We’ll then bring it together to the full routine throughout the lesson.

We’ve made some adjustments to keep the routine compact so that you can practice the dance at home.

To convert this into the full routine you would do the initial basic and check straight down the room, the spins and lunges would be going back down the room again. The ronde would end with the leader facing their nearest wall and the grapevine section would be danced down the room. The Natural Pivot Turn then would do a complete 360 straight back to the beginning.

The Music

The Argentine Stroll is normally danced to Welcome To Burlesque by Cher

For this video we have used In A Gyroscope by T. Morri

See the Argentine Stroll video

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