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Our very first online dance lesson will be a solo Salsa routine to dance at home. We’ll take you through some basic steps and build you up to a full routine to dance on your own.

Seeing as most people are stuck in lockdown at the moment (due to the Coronavirus outbreak) we’re looking intially at online dance lessons and dances that will [hopefully] fit most front rooms.

We plan to teach solo dances, as well as couples, and anything else we get asked along the way.

The Dance – Solo Salsa

Here then is a simple(ish) Solo Salsa routine to start you off. We chose a more contemporary and slightly slower song to begin with (plus we were able to easily get the rights to use this song!).

The routine includes some basic Solo Salsa steps such as: Cucarachas, Back Basics, a Chasse (or side basic), and a Cross Basic. We’ll also throw in a Pata Mala and some spot turns.

We hope you enjoy our first attempt at an online dance lesson. Do let us know how you found the Solo Salsa video, and if there’s anything we can improve for the next one. Also if you want to send or tag us in videos of you trying out the routine we’d love to see them.

Instructor: Antony Holeksa
Videographer/Editor: Emma-Louise Holeksa

The Music

Music for our Solo Salsa routine: Tequila Shawty by BLAEKER

Learn The Solo Salsa Routine

About Learn To Dance

Learn To Dance is a Ballroom and Latin American Dance School based in Burnham, Buckinghamshire.

Whilst our studio may be closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re still trying to help all our students to keep dancing!

Don’t forget, if you enjoyed our online Solo Salsa dance video please send it to your family and friends. Why not also check out our other online dance lessons.

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