Kid’s Samba Ballroom Dance Class

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Our next online dance class is for the kids and will be a ballroom dance class covering Kid’s Samba. If you want to know more about our ‘offline’ classes click here.

With our Under 8’s Rainbow class we start with a gentle warm-up, followed by a party dance and then today’s dance the Samba, adapted for younger kids.

The aim is to have a few fun elements that teach basic techniques, before we cover a couple of simple steps of this video’s dance.

We hope to make this into a weekly series, covering a different dance each week, so we’d really appreciate your feedback.

There will also be more solo routines and we’re just putting together our first partner video.

The Dances

Our warm-up dance will be The Farmer’s Wife, a nice fun dance that’s always a hit in our Kid’s Ballroom classes.

For the Farmer’s Wife we clap our hands together, then clap our partner’s right hand, repeat but this time using the left. Clap then touch our heads, shoulders, hips before a wiggle and a bounce. Then a Do-si-do round each other 4 times.

Then we move onto our main dance in the Kid’s Samba ballroom dance class.

The Samba comes from Brazil and is the dance of the carnivals.

In today’s kids class we’ll be covering the Samba Reverse Basic and some Whisks. Antony also throws in some Solo Spot Voltas just to catch everyone out!

See the Video

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