Kid's Ballroom Dance Classes

Limited spaces in our 6 weekly half-term classes.  Free trial class.

Kids Ballroom Dance Classes

Our Kids Ballroom and Latin American dance classes take place on Wednesday afternoons during term time.

We have two classes available, split by age:

Kids 4-8yrs 4.15pm (30 mins),
Kids 9-13yrs 5pm (45 mins).

You are required to pay for the half-term up front, although we do offer a free trial class.  If your child is joining our school part-way through a term you can pay the balance to the end of the half-term they join.

Under current government guidance our class numbers are limited so pre-booking is required.

Please check our Calendar to make sure classes are running as there may be some dates when there will be no classes either due to outside of term time, or no instructor availability (though these instances are rare).

All kids ballroom dance classes take place at our studio in Burnham:

Cherry Orchard Pavilion,
Britwell Road,

Kids Classes

Under 8's

Our Under 8s, or Rainbow, classes are fun classes designed to give kids a gentle introduction to basic Ballroom and Latin American dances as well as basic principles and disciplines, via 'party dances' and basic sequences.

The aim is for the children to learn to follow instruction and routines without them realising, by way of fun group sequences and the closing 'Hokey Cokey' which we do ask parents/guardians to participate in to increase the fun.

Bi-annually we run exam sessions, under the NATD, which allow students to obtain different bands of the Rainbow culminating in a completed memento of their achievements.

Classes cost £18 per 6 week half-term.

L2D Classes WEB-11

Kids 9-13yrs

The 9-13yr classes start to focus more on developing good technique and more complex routines and steps, whilst still having fun with dancing.

There is greater emphasis on partner work and learning to interact with other students.

Bi-annually we run exam sessions, under the NATD, which allow students to work towards pre-bronze level.

Classes cost £25 for 6 week half-term.

Kids Class Schedule