Basic Waltz for Kids

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In this video we will be teaching basic Waltz for kids.

We’re making a change to our kid’s videos. Rather than a whole class we’re going to release individual videos of the different dances. We’ll also do a couple of quick videos of the warm-up ‘party’ dances and then you’ll be able to create your own class!

The Dance – Waltz

For this lesson Antony & Imogen show you some basic Waltz steps adapted for kids.

For the kid’s we’ll start them with what we call a hesitation change, which is just getting used to stepping forward with the right foot, and back with the left foot in time with the music.

We also introduce a bit of what we call Rise and Fall.

Then we adjust this move slightly and turn it into the right foot box. The main difference is that rather than staying on the spot, we do a side step on the second beat of each bar.

Finally we introduce a little bit of turn around on the spot.

The Basic Waltz For Kids Music

For our Basic Waltz for Kids dance lesson we have used An Open Ride by Radio Night:

Our Basic Waltz for Kids online video

We hope your kids enjoy our Basic Waltz lesson.

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