Kid’s Jive Ballroom Dance Class

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Our next online dance class for the kids will be a ballroom dance class covering Kid’s Jive.If you want to know more about our ‘offline’ classes click here.

With our Under 8’s Rainbow class we start with a gentle warm-up, followed by some party dances and then today’s dance the Jive, adapted for younger kids.

The aim is to have a few fun elements that teach basic techniques, before we cover a couple of simple steps of this video’s dance.

Our Kid’s Class Jive Lesson

In today’s kid’s class Imogen is going to show us her own warm up.

We’ll revisit our Farmer’s Wife again (we taught this a few weeks ago) before we show you the Hand Jive.

For the Hand Jive we’re going to start seated (it can be ‘danced’ standing). We’ll have our palms out in front of us and start with two passes of the hands above and below, two fist bumps with both hands, hitch-hikes over the shoulders and then clapping thighs and clapping hands. If you get excited you could always do the ‘Grease’ shuffle forward and the rodeo back – or just leave Antony to it!

Finally Antony will take you through some fun Jive.

We hope you enjoy this week’s class.

The Music

This week’s music for this week’s Kid’s Jive Ballroom Dance class includes:

  • Farmer’s Wife
  • Hand Jive
  • Jive

Kid’s Jive online lesson

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