Waltz American Smooth, a basic introduction

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Today’s Partner Dancing video lesson will be a gentle introduction to American Smooth, and how you can apply some ‘Fred and Ginger’ styling to your Waltz.

We’ll ease you in with just some basic Waltz steps, before showing our first American Smooth step – the 6 count underarm turn.

As well as covering a range of dances in upcoming videos, we will be adding more American Smooth steps to our other Ballroom dances over the next few months.

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What do you mean, Waltz American Smooth?

Waltz is a classic Ballroom Dance. The basic premise is that every three steps there will be a close of the feet, and you change the foot that you’re using for the next figure.

American Smooth was popularised in the UK on Strictly Come Dancing as full of lifts and spins. In actuality it refers to the American way of dancing the Ballroom dances. This tends to favour continually flowing steps, over a regular closing action and opening out away from your partner.

In our video today we do a left foot box step and practice rotating it. Then we introduce a 6 count underarm turn for the follower. They float under the leader’s arm before coming around to face them again.

Once you’ve mastered the turn it’s easy to apply your Waltz American Smooth to your standard Waltz. We plan to give you more steps as time goes by.

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