Dance Video Lessons Online Premiere

Online Dance Lesson Video Teaser

In case you missed our teaser trailer (which we recommend checking out); we’re now ready to launch our online dance video classes.

The first online dance video lesson will be a solo Salsa routine which hopefully should fit in most living rooms/kitchens etc.

You can join us live at 10am on Monday 6th April for the premiere. Or catch up with the video at your leisure/repeat viewings to practice the routine.

Over the next few weeks we plan to release a variety of dance videos. Including solo lessons, partner dances and kids classes. We are also looking into dance fitness options too.

Don’t forget to subscribe on our YouTube channel to be notified whenever a new video is ready.

We’d really appreciate your feedback on the online dance lesson videos. This will help us improve and tailor the videos to what you want to see.

There will also be the option to have private lessons via video. We are considering the possibility of live streamed classes too.

Stay safe and keep well and we look forward to seeing you again [hopefully] soon.