Solo Rumba Dance Routine

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We have put together a solo Rumba-inspired routine for you to practice in your front rooms.

The routine is taught in easy to follow stages that build you up to a full choreographed routine. There’s plenty of opportunities to practice the routine throughout the video.

Solo Rumba – The Dance

The Rumba is a Cuban dance and shares similarities with Cha Cha Cha, Mambo and Salsa.

You may recognise it as the sensual dance from Strictly Come Dancing but the main aim of Rumba is the contrast between quick and slow movements.

It’s danced on the second beat of the music and we’ll incorporate that at the start, using a weight transfer.

We’ll start you off with some of the basic steps, before building up to spirals and Advanced Leg Turns!

Featuring Alternative Basics, Open Basics, Rumba Walks, Cuban Rocks, Cucarachas, Open Outs/Hand-To-Hands, Solo Spirals, Grapevines and Advanced Leg Turns; there’ll be plenty to work on.

The Music

The music we’ve chosen for our Solo Rumba routine is Beautiful Woman by Ramin feat. Staffan Carlén:

See the Solo Rumba lesson video

If you’re ready to learn our solo dance routine you can find the video dance lesson below:

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