Sally Ann Cha Cha – Sequence for Small Spaces

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Looking to learn the Sally Ann Cha Cha, but don’t have the space, or want to practice at home? Check out our Sequence for Small Spaces series of videos.

Sequence dancing is where you repeat the same 16 or 32 bar routine throughout a song, dancing around the room, and in sync with everyone else.

Now that’s great when you have the space! What we’re going to show you today is how to practice the basic movements in your front room.

The Dance – Sally Ann Cha Cha

The Sally Ann Cha Cha is composed entirely of the Latin American dance’s steps (as opposed to some other sequence dances that bear little resemblance to their namesakes – I’m looking at you Mayfair Quickstep!)

To convert this into the full routine you would dance down line of dance when doing the three Cha-cha-chas. You could still dance them as the chassé, lock, chassé combo, or as per the script with three lock steps side-by-side.

The follow my leader is danced on the diagonal but otherwise that, and the New Yorks, are danced as per the video.

We dance the weave down the room, and the cross basics facing line of dance.

You will then dance the turn down line of dance, turning to face your partner, with the leader ended facing their nearest wall.

The Music

For this Sequence for Small Spaces lesson we have used More Than You Know by the Chalalatas:

The Sally Ann Cha Cha video

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