Viennese Waltz American Smooth introduction

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Today’s video lesson will be a gentle introduction to Viennese Waltz with an American Smooth twist.

American Smooth refers to the American style of dancing the Ballroom dances. This tends to favour more of an exhibition style of dance. Partners often release out of hold and can often let go entirely.

The Dance – Viennese Waltz American Smooth

The Viennese Waltz is traditionally a rotational dance that moves around the outside of the floor.

Adding in elements of American Smooth though allows you to introduce some flair into the dance, and can often act as a breather too.

Just make sure you’re near the middle, or a corner, so that you aren’t hanging around when other dancers are coming hurtling towards you!

Our intention is to ease you in with a simplified (and more compact) version of the Reverse Turn, before trying an Open Break and an Underarm Turn to the Right. We’ll then be looking at the Explosion with a Fan Ending before adding in some Change of Places.

The Music

For our Viennese Waltz we are using a song by Loving Caliber feat. Mia Niles that we really like called Just One Kiss:

See our Viennese Waltz American Smooth video

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