Solo Charleston Dance Routine

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We have put together a solo Charleston-inspired routine for you to practice in your front rooms.

The routine is taught in easy to follow stages that build you up to a full choreographed routine. There’s plenty of opportunities to practice the routine throughout the video.

Solo Charleston – The Dance

Charleston first became popular in the 1920s but actually continued well into the 40s, albeit as more of a partner dance by this point.

The music is generally fast paced and frenetic and rumour has it this was fueled by the legally obtainable cocaine, where alchohol was prohibited at the time.

Whilst we may have chosen a more contemporary (and slower!) piece of music for this routine, the steps are all based on actual Solo Charleston steps.


  • Scissor Kicks,
  • Suzy Q’s,
  • Tick Tocks,
  • Cross Points,
  • The Lock Turn,
  • Charleston Basics with kicks,
  • Flying Charleston, and
  • Spank The Baby.

So just a few steps then!

Whilst we start you off slowly, you’ll definitely build up a sweat! We hope you enjoy the routine.

The Music

The music we’ve chosen for this Solo Charleston routine is a contemporary option – Part Of The Game by Velveteen:

See the Solo Charleston lesson video

You can see the video of our lesson below.

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About Learn To Dance

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Whilst our studio may be closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re still trying to help all our students to keep dancing with this Solo Charleston routine!

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