Foxtrot American Smooth, for confined spaces

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This video lesson will be a gentle introduction to Foxtrot with an American Smooth twist.

American Smooth refers to the American style of dancing the Ballroom dances. This tends to favour more of an exhibition style of dance. Partners often release out of hold and can often let go entirely.

We won’t be letting go in this particular routine, more using some American Smooth movements to keep our routine more compact.

The Dance – Foxtrot American Smooth

The Foxtrot is a swing dance and is synonymous with the American Smooth. Even the basics can cover a lot of ground so we’ve worked on introducing moves that you can practice in a confined space.

We’re going to have a mixture between traditional Foxtrot steps, and a few basic American Smooth steps.

We start with a Feather Step and a Hover Telemark to keep things compact.

Then we introduce the Hover Cross from (a Silver-level step) and our first American Smooth step a Left Foot Box Turn (essentially the reverse turn from the Waltz).

Finally we’ll put in a grapevine.

This sequence could be included in your regular Foxtrot at a corner for example.

The Music

The music we have used for this lesson is Lucky Day by Loving Caliber feat. G Curtis:

See our Foxtrot American Smooth video

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