Dirty Dancing Beginner Solo Routine

Dirty Dancing inspired solo routine text with a Learn To Dance logo. A slide for our beginner YouTube video lesson.

In case you missed our Dirty Dancing beginner solo routine lesson on YouTube, or just want to try it again, this is for you.

We originally taught this in one of our Cinema Night events. In these events we teach a dance routine inspired by the film that we’re about to watch.

Moves from throughout the Dirty Dancing film are incorporated to put together a fun beginner solo dance routine.

Hopefully the routine will be easy to pick up. It doesn’t matter then if you’re a complete beginner or don’t have any basic dance moves.

The routine has been choreographed to Do You Love Me – the Dave Arch Strictly Band version. Our original cinema night version was to the Contours version and is a slightly longer routine. However all the component elements are the same.

Watch the Beginner Dirty Dancing Lesson

You can find the full lesson below. If you want to skip ahead to just the Dirty Dancing beginner routine click here.

We hope you enjoy the lesson and keep an eye on our YouTube channel for all of our videos.

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