The Electric Slide (AKA The Candy Dance)

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Have you ever wondered how to dance The Electric Slide (also known as The Candy Dance)? We’ve been asked a few times recently by students to teach them the dance for parties they’re attending. Today’s lesson therefore moves on from our Beginner Guide To Disco Dancing and Saturday Night Fever lessons.

[00:00:41] We start off by showing you the first basic move of the Electric Slide. It starts with a slow chasse to the right, and back to the left again. This is followed by three walks back with a tap. To allow us to repeat this initial sequence we’ll briefly use three walks forward.

[00:03:35] Next up we finish off the routine by replacing the walks forward with the step tap and turn. This results in a quarter turn anti-clockwise to then repeat the routine facing the next wall.

Now we start to show options that you can include to make the Electric Slide routine your own. You can see a few of these options in the Candy Dance scene of the movie The Best Man.

[00:08:38] The first variation we show you is to replace the Chasse action with a Grapevine. You can choose to cross in front, or behind, or switch between.

[00:12:11] You can choose to replace the original chasse with a syncopated chasse movement.

[00:15:15] Then we talked about a few different options that you can use during the step-tap options. Whether you want to click, clap or introduce a lasso.

[00:17:56] Finally you could choose to replace your chasse or grapevine options with a spin.

[00:20:15] We finish up with a final practice of the Electric Slide routine.

The Electric Slide (aka Candy Dance) Video Lesson

We hope you enjoyed our The Electric Slide lesson. Hopefully next time someone asks if you know the Candy Dance, or Electric Slide, it’ll be an emphatic yes!

Music Dance Playlist

A popular song choice for this is Candy by Cameo (hence it is often referred to as The Candy Dance). For music licensing reasons we use a variety of different tracks but similar speeds.

All of our song choices work well for the Electric Slide and you can enjoy our playlist below:

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