Solo Argentine Tango Dance Routine Videos

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Catch up on our Solo Argentine Tango dance routine from our April 2021 live-stream. Including our full lesson breakdown video a demo of just the routine, plus a playlist.

We’ve put together a Solo Argentine Tango dance routine for you, incorporating a selection of basic Argentine Tango steps. Lesson breakdown and timestamps to jump ahead below.

Our apologies also as it appears there were a few connection issues during the lesson so we had to make a couple of cuts, but you don’t miss any of the tuition thankfully. Hopefully it doesn’t affect your ability to enjoy the class but we will be moving to pre-recorded classes for future videos.

Solo Argentine Tango full lesson videos

You can find the full lesson video below as well as a demo of just the routine too:

Full Lesson

Routine Demo

Want to see a demo of the full Solo Argentine Tango routine? You can find our summary video below:

Full Solo Lesson Breakdown

You can find a breakdown for the lesson elements below:

[00:01:09] The routine starts with a Reverse Basic danced as both leader and follower. Before a Left Giro danced as a leader [00:05:50].

[00:08:30] We then introduce some Ganchos to finish off our first section (and we’ll finish the routine with these too).

We repeat the Basics and Left Giro.

[00:13:07] The Right Giro as a follower comes next once we’ve repeated the basics. There was a slight issue with our connection at around 15 minutes but it was restored and we go over the moves again for you so nothing is missed.

[00:18:51] Our final sequence is called the Fan (with a little flourish!).

There will be some tricky moments in the Solo Argentine Tango routine but we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as our students.

[00:25:30] Is our run through of the routine to music.

Argentine Tango Music Playlist

An Argentine Tango music playlist for practicing the individual movements can be found below:

Not looking for Solo Argentine Tango? We also have a Partner Argentine Tango routine as well as a lesson looking at the Sequence Dance Argentine Stroll.

We hope you enjoy this routine and keep an eye on our YouTube channel for all our videos.