Relaxation of Entry Requirements

Relaxation of entry requirements statement. Learn To Dance logo with text summarising the changes underneath

Over the last month we’ve been evaluating whether to implement a relaxation of our entry requirements. Since ‘Freedom Day’ we reopened our doors fully but with certain initial restrictions on entry in place.

This allowed us to gradually reintroduce elements such as contact between students and removing social distancing limits. With the change in self-isolation rules this month we have also been able to reintroduce contact with our teachers.

Throughout this time we have listened to student feedback, as well as looking at how other businesses have reacted. Looking at various factors we feel now is the time for some relaxation of our entry requirements.

We have been using the COVID-pass, proof of vaccination status, or a negative COVID test as an entry requirement. The majority of the students that have been attending are double vaccinated and many aren’t actively testing for COVID. This leads us to feel that actually it only reduces the risk to the individual of serious complications; as opposed to lowering the chance of a student bringing it in.

Therefore we have made the decision to suspend requiring these proofs upon entry, however will continue to take temperatures.

Will the Relaxation of Entry Requirements apply to everything?

This relaxation of entry requirements will apply to all classes, workshops and lessons.

However we do feel that our upcoming September Social and October Bournemouth Dance Break should still have some entry policies. Both events are likely to see students sitting and interacting in close proximity for extended periods of time.

We feel it would be prudent for these two events for us to ask that all students take a free lateral flow test before attending. Lateral Flow Tests can be collected from most pharmacies, ordered online, or you can visit a rapid test centre.

If you’re performing the test at home you can report the test result online and the NHS will send you the text and/or email confirmation. We would then ask to see this on the door to permit entry (in the case of Bournemouth results will be asked to be sent in advance). The test will need to have been taken within 48hrs of your visit.

Our hope is that it will just be for these first two social events, as we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic.

We appreciate not everyone is comfortable with the idea of taking the tests but we feel it is the best option. This is especially in the case of our September event, where students normally sit close together and chat amongst tables.

All things being well we plan further relaxation of our entry requirements over the next few months.

We hope you will support us as we continue to try and relax our restrictions whilst maintaining a COVID-secure environment.