Beginner Basic Samba Solo Dancing YouTube Lesson

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Join us for a Basic Beginner Samba class on YouTube

On Sunday 14th March 2021 we held another free live-stream class on YouTube, this time a Beginner Basic Samba dance class.

In this class we started with the Samba Reverse Basic. This is a step forward with the left foot, a bounce on the spot, and then a step back with the right foot (repeating the bounce).

Some time is then spent discussing the Samba pelvic action, using a mild thrusting action by ‘pulling in’ your belly button.

Next we introduce the Samba Whisk. This is a side step with a bounced cross behind.

The Stationary Samba Walk followed which involves a close with one foot, a point back with the other, and a slip back of the front foot. When you then do the subsequent close on the next foot it is closed slightly forward (where you had originally started) to keep the overall movement on the spot.

Bota Fogos are introduced next, moving forward and backward before we start looking at the Voltas. Initially we do our Voltas in straight lines, at both half and then full speed, before looking at the Solo Spot Volta that rotates around on the spot.

Finally, just when we need a little breather, there’s a basic Rhythm Bounce.

Watch the Beginner Basic Samba Lesson

You can watch the roughly 30 minute lesson below. If you want to jump ahead to certain moves we’ve included the timestamps below it:

Lesson Timestamps

[00:01:50] Reverse Basic
[00:07:31] Whisk
[00:11:52] Stationary Samba Walk
[00:17:32] Bota Fogo
[00:23:30] Voltas
[00:26:47] Solo Spot Volta
[00:30:25] Solo Samba Routine

Solo Samba Routine Demo Video

The lesson ends with a basic beginner Solo Samba dance routine to help you practice the steps learnt.

We have chosen the song Lady De Rojo by Bassio for this routine. Before demonstrating we quickly remind you of the basic steps included too!

You can find just a demo of the Solo Samba Routine below:

If you want to check out some more of our solo routines we have a playlist over on YouTube.

Samba Dance Music Playlist

So that you can practice the basic beginner moves we’ve also uploaded a playlist of a selection of Samba tracks. The songs start off slowly then ramp up in speed, and we’ve also included songs used in some of our other lessons.

We hope you enjoy the below playlist:

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