Solo Waltz Dance Routine – Fly Me To The Moon

Text detailing the video is our Solo Waltz Dance Routine to Fly Me To The Moon by Eydie Gorme

On Sunday 14th February 2021 we’re going to teach you our Solo Waltz Dance Routine. This is to Eydie Gorme’s version of Fly Me To The Moon (originally In Other Words).

This video gives you a taster of what we’re going to be teaching you in our special Valentine’s Day lesson. Antony will demonstrate the entire routine to music, giving audio cues throughout.

The dance starts at a Viennese Waltz pace before slowing down into a Slow Waltz. You may want to focus on the feet first of all, and then when you’re feeling confident look at introducing the arms.

With our live-stream on Sunday Antony will take you through the solo Waltz dance routine step-by-step. Hopefully by the end you’ll then feel confident to practice the routine without our help.

What steps are in the solo Waltz dance routine?

Our solo Waltz incorporates a number of Slow Waltz dance steps:

  • Box Steps both forward and backward
  • Reverse Turns as a leader
  • Natural Turns as a follower
  • Change Steps both forward and backward
  • Whisk as a leader
  • Left Whisk as a leader
  • Wing as a follower
  • plus a few American Smooth elements

Once the class is finished we’ll also upload a demonstration without any audio cues if you want to test your memory.

We hope you enjoy this video and if you have any questions before our class feel free to drop them in the comments.

Watch the Solo Waltz Dance Routine video

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