Ballroom & Latin Dance Music Playlist

Ballroom & Latin American Social Dance Music Playlist

Often students ask us if we have a playlist for Ballroom & Latin American Dance Music. Whether it’s so they can practice at home, or just to know what the different dances sound like.

With that in mind we thought it would be a great idea to put together a playlist. We’ve prepared a 2hr playlist with a selection of songs for all the dances we teach. This has been uploaded to our YouTube Channel so that it is accessible to all our students.

We’ve set the playlist up exactly the same as our in-person practice sessions. So we have two of each dance for the 12 dances and then we repeat with more songs.

For music copyright reasons we have chosen songs we have the rights to use. They may not be immediately recognisable, but we hope you enjoy them.

The Ballroom & Latin American Dance Music Playlist

Now we know a 2hr Ballroom & Latin Dance Music playlist can seem quite daunting if you just want to Waltz! To skip to certain songs/dances you can use the track list for our playlist:

‘Disc 1’

  1. Waltz 1&2 [00:00:16]
    • ‘Waltz For You’ by Alexander Valentine
    • ‘Waltzing In A Dream’ by Etienne Roussel
  2. Rumba 1&2 [00:05:03]
    • ‘When Two Become One’ by Lennon Hutton
    • ‘Beautiful Woman’ by Ramin feat. Staffan Carlen
  3. Foxtrot 1&2 [00:10:04]
    • ‘Jolly Jules’ by Mid Knight
    • ‘Magic Armchair’ by Sugar Rose
  4. Samba 1&2 [00:15:13]
    • ‘Swing With You’ by Mica Emory
    • ‘Mi Filosofia’ by Hugo Correia
  5. Tango 1&2 [00:19:09]
    • ‘Desire Flows’ by Lukas Amil
    • ‘Accordions Galore’ by Tiki Tiki
  6. Jive 1&2 [00:23:40]
    • ‘Bad Shipments’ by Laurence Lee Murphy
    • ‘Bip Bop Baby’ by The Best Ofs
  7. Quickstep 1&2 [00:27:44]
    • ‘Changed My Mind’ by Aldenmark Niklasson feat. Divty
    • ‘Baby Doll’ by The Best Ofs
  8. Cha Cha 1&2 [00:32:24]
    • ‘He Wants To Dance’ by Chalalatas
    • ‘I Won’t Waste This’ by Wildflowers feat. Russell Vista
  9. Viennese Waltz 1&2 [00:38:18]
    • ‘Just One Kiss’ by Loving Caliber feat. Mia Niles
    • ‘Dresden Swing’ by Trabant 33
  10. Salsa 1&2 [00:44:26]
    • ‘Casa De Campo’ by Chalalatas
    • ‘Back in Rio’ by Jay Cano
  11. Argentine Tango 1&2 [00:48:21]
    • ‘Come Over To Me’ by Thea Tyler feat. Dinah Smith
    • ‘Diamond Necklace’ by Lennon Hutton
  12. Merengue 1&2 [00:53:43]
    • ‘Swing of the Hips’ by Jay Cano
    • ‘Frio’ by Timothy Infinite

‘Disc 2’ – More Ballroom & Latin Dance Music

  1. Waltz 3&4 [00:58:28]
    • ‘An Open Ride’ by Radio Night
    • ‘Waltz for Little Italy’ by Bireli Snow
  2. Rumba 3&4 [01:03:05]
    • ‘Suppose We Kissed’ by Lennon Hutton
    • ‘Stay For A Little While’ by Wildflowers feat. Russell Vista, Christine Smit
  3. Foxtrot 3&4 [01:09:09]
    • ‘Times We Had’ by Mid Knight
    • ‘One More Dance’ by Poindexters
  4. Samba 3&4 [01:13:19]
    • ‘Summer Lilac’ by Bonsaye
    • ‘Festival’ by Jay Cano
  5. Tango 3&4 [01:17:17]
    • ‘Red Romance’ by Lukas Amil
    • ‘Dance of Decisions’ by Tiki Tiki
  6. Jive 3&4 [01:21:22]
    • ‘Days Far Ahead’ by Logan Rich
    • ‘Hot Stuff Goin’ On’ by The Best Ofs
  7. Quickstep 3&4 [01:25:14]
    • ‘Each Day’ by OTE feat. Divty
    • ‘When You Look At Me’ by Berny Shepard
  8. Cha Cha 3&4 [01:30:05]
    • ‘More Than You Know’ by Chalalatas
    • ‘Round-Trip’ by Chalalatas
  9. Viennese Waltz 3&4 [01:34:11]
    • ‘Heaven Sent’ by Aluvio
    • ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ by Courses
  10. Salsa 3&4 [01:39:53]
    • ‘I’ll Get Over You’ by Loving Caliber feat. Mia Niles
    • ‘The Team’ by Earle Belo
  11. Argentine Tango 3&4 [01:45:35]
    • ‘My Morning Coffee’ by Trabant 33
    • ‘In a Gyroscope’ by T. Morri
  12. Merengue 3&4 [01:49:44]
    • ‘Sunset Valley’ by Harvio
    • ‘Never Had To’ by OTE feat. Naiad
  13. Last Waltz [01:56:06]
    • ‘Misty Dreams’ by Etienne Roussel

Play the Ballroom & Latin Dance Music Playlist

You can find our full playlist below:

If you’re wondering how you can adapt your dancing to fit smaller spaces check out our online dance lesson videos.

As well as our Ballroom & Latin Dance Music playlist we also have regular lessons as well as fun videos on our YouTube Channel.

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