Learn Samba – Online Partner Dance Lesson

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This Learn To Dance video lesson will be a few fun Samba moves to practice in your front rooms.

The lesson will be broken down into easy to follow sections to help you learn the steps, and then builds up from there.

We give you plenty of time to practice the routine as we build it up, but if you’re happy with the basics you can always skip ahead.

Learn Samba

The Samba is the Brazilian carnival dance. Whilst you are normally looking to dance through the streets, we’ll be showing you how to keep it compact.

We’ll start you off with the basic whisks and introduce underarm turns to the right and left.

Then we’re going to try the Argentine Crosses and Stationary Samba Walks, bringing in an underarm turn at the end.

Finally we’re going to look at the Maypoles, rotating in both directions. We’ll also try a direct change from one rotation to the other.

Don’t forget you can always pause and rewind to work on any steps and moves you struggle with.

The Music

For this Learn Samba lesson we have used Swing With You by Mica Emory:

See the Learn Samba dance video

You can see our partner dance lesson video below:

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