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Today’s video lesson will help you to Learn Salsa with a partner. If you would like to try Salsa on your own you can check out our Solo Salsa routine.

The lesson will be broken down into easy to follow sections to help you learn the steps, and then builds up from there.

We give you plenty of time to practice the routine as we build it up, but if you’re happy with the basics you can always skip ahead.

Learn the Salsa

There are a number of variants of Salsa, including LA/Cross-Body Style (aka Salsa on 1); New York Style (aka Salsa on 2, very similar to Mambo); Cuban Style (a more rotational version of the dance).

We tend to teach mainly the Cross-Body Style but we’re always happy to throw in elements from the other styles if we feel they’ll fit.

This Learn Salsa video will feature a selection of basic steps before we ramp up with the Cuban Style Enchufla. We’ve got the Salsa Basic, a Natural Top, Cross-Body Lead, Enchufla, Cross-Body Pass and a man’s spin to right during the Enchufla!

The Music

For our learn Salsa lesson we have used I’ll Get Over You by Loving Caliber feat. Mia Niles

Learn Salsa with our online video

Hope you enjoy today’s Learn Salsa video.

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