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Today’s video lesson will help you to Learn Quickstep with a partner. If you would like to try Quickstep on your own you can check out our Solo Quickstep routine.

The lesson will be broken down into easy to follow sections to help you learn the steps, and then builds up from there.

We give you plenty of time to practice the routine as we build it up, but if you’re happy with the basics you can always skip ahead.

Learn The Quickstep

Quickstep is one of our ballroom dances, although the initial basics are quite slow in comparison.

Our intention is to ease you in with a variation on the basic Quickstep steps: the Quarter Turn to the Right, and then the forgotten Quarter Turn to the Left; before adding in a Rondé for the leader and a Wing for the follower. We’ll have a Cross Chassé to Promenade Position followed by a Link, Progressive Chassé to Right, a Lock (turned), another Chassé and then an underturned Running Finish

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The Music

For our Quickstep, in this video, we have used Changed My Mind by OTE feat. Divty

Learn Quickstep online lesson video

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Whilst our studio may be closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re still trying to help all our students to keep dancing!

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