Flavia Cacace Argentine Tango Workshops

Flavia Cacace Argentine Tango workshops advert Sunday 25th February

Dance into Passion: An Afternoon of Argentine Tango with Strictly Come Dancing Legend Flavia Cacace

Step into the world of elegance, grace, and passion as we invite you to join us for an unforgettable afternoon of Argentine Tango workshops with none other than the legendary Flavia Cacace! Known for her mesmerizing performances on Strictly Come Dancing, Flavia is bringing her expertise and passion for dance to a special event that promises to be a celebration of the art of Argentine Tango.

Argentine Tango Workshop Details:

  • Date: Sunday 25th February 2024
  • Time: 2pm-6pm
  • Cost: from £25 [book now]
  • Location: Learn To Dance, Cherry Orchard Pavilion, Britwell Road, Burnham, SL1 8DL [map/directions]

Unleashing the Power of Argentine Tango:

Flavia Cacace, celebrated for her exceptional dance career and captivating performances, will guide participants through a series of Argentine Tango workshops. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, Flavia’s teaching style ensures that everyone can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of this passionate dance form.

Flavia Cacace Argentine Tango Workshop Highlights:

  1. Workshop 1 – 2pm: Fundamentals of Argentine Tango
    Discover the essence of Argentine Tango with Flavia as she breaks down the fundamental steps, techniques, and connection that make this dance so unique.
  2. Workshop 2 – 3pm: Variations
    Dive into the world of expressiveness and storytelling within the tango. Learn how to convey emotions through movement and master choreography that reflects the true spirit of Argentine Tango.
  3. Workshop 3 – 4pm: Milonga/Vals
    Explore some different forms of Argentine Tango. The punchier Milonga style and the lilting Vals. Learn how to apply the moves you know to these styles. Also find moves that may be unique to both styles.
  4. Workshop 4 – 5pm: Embellishments
    Elevate your dance style with Flavia’s guidance on incorporating stylish elements into your tango. Whether it’s flicks, kicks, or little tricks, Flavia is going to help you to bring in exciting additions to your dancing.

Why Argentine Tango with Flavia?

Flavia Cacace’s illustrious career includes not only her triumphs on Strictly Come Dancing but also her deep-rooted love for Argentine Tango. Her passion for the dance form is contagious, and her ability to connect with participants of all levels makes this workshop a rare and exceptional opportunity to learn from a true dance icon.

Get Your Tickets:

Don’t miss the chance to dance alongside Flavia Cacace and experience the magic of Argentine Tango. Tickets are available now, and spaces are limited, so secure your spot for an afternoon of dance, connection, and pure passion.

Places cost £25 per workshop, £42.50 for two workshops, £57.50 for three workshops or £70 for all four. If booking for more than one workshop please make sure to enroll yourself into each workshop.

To reserve a space for another person you will need to use our Full Booking System. Otherwise you can use the booking option below:

Join us for a day filled with the rhythm of the tango, guided by the expertise of Flavia Cacace. Whether you’re a dance enthusiast or looking for a unique and exhilarating experience, this Argentine Tango workshop promises to be an afternoon you’ll remember forever. Grab your dancing shoes, and let the magic of tango unfold!


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