Cherry Orchard Parking Restrictions

Cherry Orchard Parking Restrictions at the George Pitcher Memorial Ground in Burnham

Burnham Parish Council are introducing parking restrictions at our Cherry Orchard site. Read on for details of how to obtain your daily free parking permit.

Whilst we weren’t consulted about the planned restrictions, we have been assured that our Learn To Dance students will not have any restrictions – so long as you follow the correct procedures!

What Are The Cherry Orchard Parking Restrictions?

Parking restrictions will be in place at the Cherry Orchard Monday to Friday, between 7am-7pm, and after 7pm all week.

Free parking between 7am-7pm applies for up to 2 hours Monday to Friday, no return within an hour, and is unrestricted at the weekend.

All Learn To Dance students and hirers have access to a tablet where they can enter their registration plate to obtain a permit. This permit then provides un-restricted parking until the end of the day.

What Sessions Will Be Affected?

You will definitely need a permit if you are attending more than one class/lesson during the day, or will be leaving the Cherry Orchard after 7pm.

Our Monday Weekly Tea Dances are 2 hours long so you must enter your registration details to avoid a fine. The Tuesday Over 50s Session is 90 minutes long and we would recommend also entering your details to be on the safe side.

All other daytime sessions are generally less than an hour but you may wish to enter your details anyway.

How Do I Obtain A Permit?

The parking company have provided us with a tablet that is connected to their system. You will find this tablet in the main studio, on your left as you enter, on the small table.

Upon arrival you just need to tap the screen and enter your car registration plate; which is then sent directly to the parking company.

The permit remains valid until midnight on that day. So you will need to enter your reg each time you arrive.

What If I’m Dropping Off/Collecting Someone?

We have been told there is a 10 minute ‘grace period’ from the moment you first enter the site. However at present there will be a 1 hour no-return policy in place. This obviously doesn’t work for our class lengths and so we have requested that this is reviewed. We will keep you updated as this develops.

At present we would recommend ensuring the student you are dropping off has your number plate to enter into the tablet.

When Do The Cherry Orchard Parking Restrictions Launch?

There has been some confusion from the council as to when these restrictions were actually being launched. We have now received a confirmed date of it going live on Friday 21st January 2022.

If there are any changes to this date we will update this post accordingly.

How To Appeal A PCN

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued automatically by the parking company’s system if you contravene the Cherry Orchard Parking Restrictions.

Should you forget to register your registration number upon arrival, or you believe a PCN has been issued in error, you would need to follow the parking company’s appeals process.

Appeal online at:
Or by post to:
Civil Enforcement Limited,
Horton House, Exchange Flags,
Liverpool, L2 3PF

Hopefully everything will work swimmingly and this will never be an issue. Unfortunately we had no input into the decision to implement parking restrictions at the Cherry Orchard.