Rock & Roll dance break outfits to give our virtual dance break attendees cosutme ideas

VIRTUAL DANCE BREAK UPDATE 30/01/2021: We are currently testing a new video social software that will hopefully make interactions more organic than just using Zoom. More details to follow once initial testing has been completed.

VIRTUAL DANCE BREAK UPDATE 02/02/2021: Tests have been very well received and so the details below have been updated to reflect the changes. Due to the change in software we have extended the promo code deadline to 13th February. We have also added a Solo Dancer’s workshop.

We can’t meet in person so we’ve decided to host a VIRTUAL Dance Break this March instead. This will be in place of our annual Glastonbury dance break, which would have been focusing on Jive this year.

Now we know what you’re thinking, how is that going to work?!  

Our idea for the virtual weekend is to follow as closely to a normal dance break format as we can (minor revisions/additions may occur as we develop this).

There’ll be elements where we will all be in the same virtual room but also the opportunity to ‘sit’ with people to catch up with other students.

We’ll have fun group activities and workshops and we’re even debating the possibility of a delivered menu!

Draft Format for the Weekend

The draft plan for our virtual dance break is:  

  • Friday 12th March (evening)
    • Welcome Drinks ‘Reception’
      • a virtual ‘Wessex Hotel’ ballroom that you can move around and chat to other people as you approach them
      • a selection of couches and tables that you can sit at to carry out uninterrupted conversations
      • a ‘bar’ area that you can chat to anyone else at or behind the ‘bar’
    • group Quiz Night (with prizes)
  • Saturday 13th March  
    • Morning Jive Workshop(s); and/or
    • Afternoon Jive Workshop(s) 
    • Solo Dancer Jive Workshop
    • Considering the possibility of maybe even a delivered dinner menu if there is interest (additional cost TBC)
    • Evening Social with a 50s theme
      • A special area of the dance floor with music playlists that you can ‘step’ onto
      • Evening table plan for ‘seating’, but you will be able to move around and socialise as normal
      • Possible inclusion of party games or fun dance workshops TBC
  • Sunday 14th March
    • Morning recap Jive dance workshop

There will also be the option of private Zoom dance classes over the virtual dance break weekend too.

How Much Does the Virtual Dance Break Cost?

The ‘break’ costs £50pp and will take place in our special virtual ballroom, with workshops via Zoom or our main streaming system.   You can save £5pp if you book and pay in full by Saturday 13th February 2021 (deadline extended due to testing of new interaction software).

You can book directly on our website. Don’t forget to use the full booking system to reserve a space for another person, or contact us.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback on this idea let us know. We’re happy to revise the plan to best suit what our students would like to take part in.