Can I Go Dancing in Tier 2 and Tier 3?

Can I Go Dancing in Tier 2 and 3

A number of students have been in touch to ask if they can still go dancing if Learn To Dance is in Tier 2; especially if they are in Tier 3.

The government announced their Winter Plan to end lockdown from Wednesday 2nd December. We’ve been busy reviewing the details so we can answer those questions, and ensure Learn To Dance continues to operate in a COVID-secure way.

Tier 2/Tier 3, Learn To Dance & Me?

By now I’m sure most people have found out which tier they are living in. The majority of the local area have been placed in Tier 2. Those residents who fall under Slough Borough Council however will find themselves currently in Tier 3.

So you’re probably wondering “Can I go Dancing” if I’m in Tier 2 or 3? We have been in consultation with our local Environmental Agency, as well as the National Association of Teachers of Dancing.

The responses received will be positive for some, but disappointing for others.

I’m in Tier 2

Tier 2 Coronavirus Guidance

Great news. We’ve had it confirmed that all of our lessons and classes can run under our current COVID-secure procedures. Existing rule of 6 still applies and we ask that students continue to refrain from ‘socialising’ unless socially distanced.

We will maintain our limit of 12 people to a class, the requirement to pre-book, and our 24hr cancellation policy.

Classes and lessons in-person will resume from Wednesday 2nd December at 6pm.

I’m in Tier 3, what does that mean for me?

Tier 3 Coronavirus Guidance

The news here is less positive for most I’m afraid.

For our kid’s classes it’s actually good news. Classes for the under 18’s can continue so long as COVID-secure rules are followed. We may however contact parents to discuss the possibility of keeping these remote at present. This is because some of our students are in Tier 3 and often (especially the younger kids) social distancing can be hard to maintain.

The main issue for those residing in a Tier 3 area was raised by the Environmental Agency. Those in Tier 3, as you can see under the ‘TRAVELLING’ header, should avoid travelling outside their area. All non-essential journeys should be avoided (and EA don’t consider a dance lesson essential!)

Should South Bucks enter Tier 3 we would be required to close our doors again and return to full virtual lessons.

So What Now?

In summary, when wondering “Can I Go Dancing”, if you’re in Tier 2 then YES but if in Tier 3 NO.

We will be contacting those that are booked in for next month. We advise those in Tier 3 to cancel any plans to return to the studio. although tiers will be reviewed on 16th December.

Depending on numbers we may look at still running some of our sessions virtually. Those unable to attend the studio in person will still be able to continue their dancing. Anyone taking part in the adult virtual classes or private lessons will continue to receive complimentary access to our video-on-demand service.

Hopefully numbers will improve in the next two weeks and we can see areas moving back down to Tier 1 or 2.

Stay safe and well, we look forward to seeing you again soon.