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Learn To Dance is Covid-19 Secure

This symbol indicates that our business follows government and industry Covid-19 Secure procedures; and have processes in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing

Here's Our Covid-19 Procedures
(updated 05/10/21)

Please note that government and industry guidance is changing (sometimes daily)!  As well as reviewing these we are also listening to feedback from students as we navigate the easing of restrictions.  The following policies are therefore subject to change so we recommend familiarising yourself before each visit to our studio.

One Way System

On arrival follow the footprints and LearnToDance signage to our side door.

If there is a queue please observe social distancing measures, using the footsteps as guidance.

Please wait to be invited in to the studio.

The exit is down the corridor and out the main front door.


From Monday 19th July masks will no longer be compulsory upon entry or exit to the studio.

Our teachers will still wear masks when welcoming you into the studio.

We ask that you wear a mask when heading down the corridor to the toilets, or if entering the kitchen area.

All solo dancers are asked their preference for partner classes, and if they choose the 'Yellow' sticker option please respect this and join them in wearing a mask if you wish to dance with them.

Our teachers kindly request that you wear a mask if dancing with them.

Temperature Checks

We will continue to check your temperature on arrival at the studio.

If our thermometer indicates that you have a high temperature we will ask you to wait a few moments before we check again.

If your temperature is still high unfortunately you will not be permitted to enter the studio.

Social Distancing

Our teachers have resumed full contact in lessons and group classes.  We ask that students still wear a mask when partnering our teachers.

Dance Partnering

We will be reintroducing the option to partner other students during dance classes.

To make things easier we will ask all solo dancers on arrival for their preference and assign them a coloured sticker:

  • Green - open to all partnering, no masks
  • Yellow - open to all partnering but I want us to both wear masks
  • Red - at this time I am not comfortable dancing with another student

Solo dancers will be asked every time they arrive for a class, and you can always change your mind during a class about the amount of contact you are happy with.

We ask that everyone respects someone else's choice of partnering, including wearing a mask if you wish to dance with someone with a yellow sticker (regardless of your own preference).

Preferably students still wear a mask when partnering our teachers.

Hand Sanitiser

We have a number of hand sanitiser stations around the building and we ask that students take advantage of these before and after lessons and if visiting the toilets.

Regular Cleaning

Our teachers use appropriate cleaning products regularly throughout the day.

We also have a portable fogging device to sanitise the studio after group sessions.

Feeling Ill? Please Stay Away

If you are displaying any flu-like symptoms, or have come into contact with anyone suffering from Covid-19 in the preceding 14 days, please do not visit the studio.

If you have been told by NHS Trace and Test to self-isolate you should not be visiting the studio.  We will not charge you for sessions missed due to self-isolation so long as you inform us in advance.

NHS Test & Trace App

We have a QR code poster for use with the NHS Test & Trace App.

On arrival at the studio the poster can be found on the board by the entrance, please scan the QR code to 'check in'.

Revised Schedule

We have revised our schedule of classes to help keep class sizes down by providing more options to attend.

Regular Testing

Our teachers are undergoing voluntary Lateral Flow Testing twice weekly where possible.