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Learn To Dance is Covid-19 Secure

This symbol indicates that our business follows government and industry Covid-19 Secure procedures; and have processes in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing

Here's Our Covid-19 Procedures
(updated 24/02/22)

Whilst legal restrictions have now ended in England we will still be maintaining the following Covid-19 procedures.

We do keep these policies under constant review however it is likely they will be in place until at least 31st March.


You are no longer legally required to wear a mask in enclosed spaces.

We would still recommend that you wear a face covering when heading down the corridor to the toilets, or if entering the kitchen area.

Our teachers will wear masks or shields when welcoming you into the studio.

We kindly request that you wear a face covering if dancing with them.

Dance Partnering

Full partnering amongst students is now possible but please respect others wishes if asked to wear a mask.

Our teachers are partnering in both classes and private lessons but will wear face coverings and ask that you do the same.  They will also sanitise regularly throughout sessions.

Hand Sanitiser

We have a number of hand sanitiser stations around the building and we ask that students take advantage of these before and after lessons and if visiting the toilets.

Recent Contact or Showing Sypmtoms?

If you are displaying any flu-like symptoms, or have come into contact with anyone suffering from Covid-19 in the preceding 14 days, please do not visit the studio.

Whilst testing positive no longer legally requires you to stay home we ask that you do not visit the studio within 10 days of testing positive.

Regular Testing

Our teachers are undergoing voluntary Lateral Flow Testing a minimum twice weekly where possible.