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2020 Price Changes

Our weekly class prices will be increasing in 2020. 

For those that have been with us long enough you will know that we have kept our group class prices the same since we changed format about 10 years ago, and even after taking on our own studio 3 years ago.

As with most things, however, our costs have increased over that time and we have made the decision to make some slight adjustments to our pricing structure.

Weekly Adult Classes

The cost of a weekly class and pre-social workshop will increase to £8.50 per session.  We will however be offering new block options of 10% off five sessions (£38.25) or 20% off ten sessions (£68).  Existing packages and sessions purchased before the end of term (Sunday 22nd December) will continue to be able to be used up until their expiry as normal.

For those that stay for more than one class on a night the price will increase by £1 to £6 for the second class. If you are staying for all three classes on a Wednesday night the third class price will remain at £5 so the total for all three classes would be £19.50.

Over 50’s

Tuesday afternoon classes will be increasing to £6 per person. We will also be introducing block options of 10% off five sessions (£27) or 20% off ten sessions (£48). 

The Friday afternoon class is organised by the RBWM as part of their SMILE initiative. Prices are set by Magnet leisure centre and are subject to change at any point. Advantage Card holders are offered around a £3 discount by the leisure centre.

Kids Classes

Our kids class prices will remain at £3.50 per session for the Under 9’s and £5 per session for the Under 13’s. Block booking discounts of 6 sessions for £18 (Under 9’s) and £25 (Under 13’s) will also remain unchanged.

FitSteps Dance Fitness

FitSteps Dance Fitness prices will currently remain the same at £5 per session and £45 for 10 sessions.

One Dance Courses

Our one dance courses will become £45 per course but we will be trialling removing the restriction on solo dancers. 

We are also going to be changing the Thursday courses into ‘next steps’ courses starting with Quickstep in January.

Private Lessons

We have brought our Denise, and guest teacher, tier discounts in line with Antony & Emma’s tier. 

There is now a 10% discount off 6 and 20% discount off 10 sessions. This has actually slightly reduced the cost of these packages.

New Classes and Time Changes

We are introducing a few new classes in 2020; as well as changing the level of our Thursday 6 week courses. We will also be bringing forward our Wednesday evening more advanced classes.

New Daytime Beginner & Improver Classes

For a number of years we have been asked about providing daytime adult beginner and improver classes.

With this in mind we have decided to introduce Adult Beginner and Adult Improver classes on a Wednesday lunchtime.

The adult beginner class will start at 12.30pm and the improver class at 1.30pm.

Both classes will take place at our Cherry Orchard Studio and will cost £8.50 per person. If you are staying for both classes then the second class will only cost £6.

We will also offer block session discounts of 10% off five sessions (£38.25) or 20% off ten sessions (£68).

Wednesday Night Time Changes

Historically our Wednesday night class times were based around the time available at the hall we hired.

This meant that our first class couldn’t start until 7.45pm. With three classes in the schedule we don’t finish until 10.30pm!

A number of students have asked us recently about whether it would be possible to make these classes earlier.

We looked at the schedule and realised that with our own studio we can dictate our own timings! We put out a feedback request to those students that attend the Wednesday night classes about the potential changes. The overwhelming response was that making the classes earlier was a great idea.

Therefore from Wednesday 8th January the three classes will be moving 45 minutes earlier. This means the Improver 2 class will start at 7pm, Intermediate 8pm and Advanced 9pm.

We hope all these changes make sense but please let us know if you have any questions.