This is 'Montem' Style!

[UPDATE]: We have had to remove the photos/videos from this post we’re afraid.

This is Gangnam Montem Style

Earlier this month we were approached by Montem Primary School in Slough to come into the school and teach a group of students a choreographed dance for a family supper they were holding on Thursday 29th November 2012. The idea of the family supper was to bring together the different communities within the school, everyone brings a dish and the students provide the entertainment.

We were asked to suggest a song that would engage the children and provide a fun and lively routine.  Gangnam Style has become the most popular video on Youtube (over 805m views at present) and our routine had already proven popular with our Zumba regulars so we suggested this to the school and they loved the idea.

I was given an hour and a half on the Thursday afternoon to teach my group the routine and prepare them for the performance that evening.

As I was setting up the equipment, the children heard the first few bars of the song and they got so excited.  It confirmed to me that we’d made the right choice of song and most of the children were already bouncing around with the most recognisable move from the video, which certainly made my job easier!

The rehearsal space was unfortunately a bit small but we made the best of it and within half an hour, the kids had learnt the steps that made up the routine.  After that, we spent the time slowly increasing the tempo of the song until they were able to perform the whole routine from start to finish without any audio cues from me at the right speed.

Regular water breaks were essential to make sure the children didn’t work too hard, although we did try the routine at 30% faster than normal at one point…and they still managed to keep up with me!

I also briefly showed them a routine to Olly Murs’ “Dance With Me Tonight” and I’m glad I did…as you’ll see later.

Before we knew it, 3.30pm had arrived and it was time to pack up.  I’d see them all again at 6pm for a pre-performance rehearsal and I still had a full Zumba class to teach at the school before then.

Later that evening…

I returned to the school at 6pm and Emma came along to film the performance and admire my handiwork. We had just enough time to give the kids a quick run-through of the routine and then it was time to get ‘on stage’.

The performance was a lot of fun and well received on the night.

Following the successful dance, I was asked if I’d be able to do another dance that everyone could join in with. No sooner had the teacher announced it than the performance space was full of students.  There was barely any space for teachers or parents to join in and we had to move the benches back to accommodate.

Olly Murs was the obvious choice as I knew it would be a fun and upbeat number but I don’t think the adults were ready for the workout they were about to partake in…

I enjoyed the evening…the kids enjoyed the evening…just not sure the adults survived!!!