Kids Ballroom and Latin American Classes Resume Sun 8th Sept.

Kids Dancing

Learn To Dance run Kids Ballroom and Latin American dance classes on Sunday mornings during term-time.

Our kids classes resume from Sunday 8th September and we have two classes depending on your child’s age.

Rainbow Under 8’s Ballroom and Latin American

Sundays (term-time) 10am-10.25am

We aim our 10am ‘Rainbow’ class at 4-8yr olds. It costs £3.50 per session. We do offer block payment discount of £18 for 6 sessions.

In this class we focus on learning basic moves and techniques hidden within fun sequences.

The class starts with a general warm-up that covers basic movement as well as instilling listening to, and following, gentle instructions.

We follow this with a ‘party dance’ that uses easy to follow steps and sequences that are repeated throughout the dance. They can be dances such as Superman or Cha Cha Slide, or Ballroom and Latin based dances including Polkas.

Then we move onto the lesson portion of the class which focuses on that term’s chosen dance(s). We work towards exams under the National Association of Teachers of Dancing (NATD) and these take place twice a year.

We finish the class with a mass Hokey Cokey (we like parents/guardians to join in if possible), before having our cool down.

Rainbow Exams

In the Rainbow kids Ballroom and Latin American exams they earn a different colour of the rainbow for each dance they perform.

Depending on their age and experience the kids normally take one or two colours at a time, to build up their Rainbow dance award.

Their final exam then sees them awarded with the engraved sunburst plaque.

These exams are only available to Under 8’s. However those that have taken a Rainbow before their 8th birthday are given the opportunity to complete their Rainbow award.

Juvenile (9-13yrs) Ballroom and Latin American

Sundays 10.30am-11.15am

The 10.30am ‘Juvenile’ class is designed for 9-13yr olds and costs £5 per session (block payment discount of £25 for 6 sessions available).

In this class we are moving on to the kids partner dancing with their Ballroom and Latin American. We also teach them more complex routines and sequences.

The classes focus on two dances each exam period. The aim is to take them from the basic steps up to Pre-Bronze or Bronze level exams. Our exam sessions take place twice a year under the National Association of Teachers of Dancing (NATD).

Juvenile Exams

Depending on their level or experience our kids work towards either a Pre-Bronze exam, or the simpler PDT (Popular Dance Test).

The PDT is a basic beginner level exam and is great for introducing kids to the Ballroom and Latin American exam process.

The Pre-Bronze level exams are more technically focused and we teach a more in-depth routine. These are normally best suited to kids that have danced before, or have been attending our classes for a while.

Either way the kids are taught the same Ballroom and Latin American routines in the classes.

Where are the Kids Ballroom and Latin American classes?

The classes take place at our studio in Burnham. Our full address is Learn To Dance, George Pitcher Memorial Ground, Cherry Orchard Pavilion, Britwell Road, Burnham, SL1 8DL. You can see a map and get basic directions on the contact us page of our website.

First Class Free!

Don’t forget we do offer a free trial class for the kids Ballroom and Latin American Classes.

For more details, or book onto one of our Sunday classes, please visit our website.