Wedding First Dance Lessons

Matt & Naomi

With the popularity of Strictly Come Dancing, and the variety of videos on Youtube, many couples now want something more than your average "wedding shuffle".


Be it a classic waltz, a slow foxtrot, sexy salsa, (or even disco!), we have choreographed personalised dances to a wide variety of songs.


Gary & Julie

Our passion lies with choreographing that first special dance, to your special song. We create the dance in conjunction with you to ensure that it reflects the two of you and your song.

As the choreography progresses we video the two of you dancing so that you have something to refer to between lessons.


We recommend that couples have at least 6 lessons, and ideally attend at least one of our beginner courses, depending on your abilities and requirements.


Colin & Tracy

We pride ourselves on our ability to choreograph first dances to a wide variety of music styles. You can come to us at our studio in Burnham, or we can come to you (additional charges apply).


We offer a variety of options depending on your budget and time constraints. You can see our packages below. Please note that sessions can be doubled up i.e. you can take a 90 minute appointment which would count as 2 sessions from your 45 minute package.

  • 30 Minute Lessons

  • 45 Minute Lessons (recommended)

  • 60 Minute Lessons

To book a package please visit our system.


If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding please feel free to consider Emma-Louise Walton Photography, whilst Emma is an excellent dance teacher, she's an even better photographer!


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