Given the escalation of the situation we have decided to call a close to all of our group sessions immediately. All group classes, workshops, exams and social events are cancelled indefinitely.

6 Week Courses

With our current 6 week courses we will look to reschedule the final two weeks if practical. Failing that we will apply a credit to your Learn To Dance account for the sessions cancelled.

We have decided to cancel the next two lots of 6 week courses (so Rock & Roll and Samba). Therefore we have currently rescheduled the Next Steps Salsa to the end of June (in place of next steps Samba).

Private Lessons

Private lessons will continue for the moment at both the teacher’s and student’s discretion. We will waive cancellation fees but do ask that you let us know by the morning of a lesson.

A few other schools have also suggested that small private classes could be an option. This would allow students to split the cost of a private lesson amongst a few couples. We are open to this option, subject to all necessary guidelines on health being followed.

What if I have a package for classes/lessons?

All packages will be extended by 6 months to make sure you do not lose out on sessions. Please bear with us if you receive the automated expiry emails. There is a lot of admin we are currently working through and we are doing our best!

Can you stream lessons for us?

Emma and I are looking into some form of video tuition option. Likely this will be free to view videos on Youtube and we will let you know more details soon.

Showing Your Support

We are deeply touched by the support and general messages of goodwill that so many students have been sending us. A number of students have expressed a desire to help us through this difficult time.

Emma and I have been discussing this at length, following suggestions from students. We feel there a couple of options:

  • Where you have a package due for renewal shortly you could decide to renew early. We would apply an extra 6 months to any expiry.
  • You could consider placing money on account, to use once the school reopens fully. If every student placed as little as £10 on account each month this would certainly help.
  • The possibility of obtaining finance via crowdfunding our students, as we did for getting the studio. Currently we do not anticipate needing this level of financial support but we appreciate the offers.

Please contact us if you would like to support us in this way.

What about the government grants?

I am looking into the options the government have offered to help local businesses. Anyone that may have tried this, or has any advice/guidance, we’d really appreciate hearing from you.

Currently I am not sure if we are eligible for any of the grants unfortunately.

I have an idea…

If you have any suggestions for ways to keep you dancing even when stuck at home, let us know.

Otherwise stay safe and we hope to see you all again in a few months time.