Single & Solo Dance Classes

Our Single & Solo Dance Classes currently take place on:
Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm, and
Wednesday mornings at 10am.

Have Fun

Our single & solo dance classes teach fun dance routines that don't require a partner.

You get to learn a variety of solo dance routines in a rolling cycle.

Make Friends

Get to know other solo dancers, whether you're single or just want to dance on your own, you're welcome at any of our classes.

Learn To Dance

Learn a variety of solo Ballroom and Latin American dance routines.

We also teach you routines inspired by classic movies such as Singin' in the Rain, West Side Story, Saturday Night Fever and Dirty Dancing.

“Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they're great because of their passion.”

Martha Graham

Featured Dance:

The Charleston is a fast and energetic dance popularised during the 1920s prohibition era.

Featuring wild and wacky movements it's easy to tie yourself up in knots!

We teach classic Charleston steps, sometimes pairing with more contemporary numbers, but also featuring fast-paced originals.

Featured Dance:

We teach Salsa as a partner dance in our regular Adult Group Classes.  But there are plenty of moves that are easy to dance on your own.

In fact some of the moves are much better suited to solo dancers.

So come channel the spirit of Cuba and squash some cockroaches (one of the basic moves is called a Cucaracha - Spanish for cockroach).

Cuban Themed Salsa Dance Party

Featured Dance:
Singin' in the Rain

Learn To Dance used to run cinema nights where we would teach a dance routine inspired by the film being shown that night.

One of these nights was centred around the classic film Singin' in the Rain.

Antony took elements of the seminal tap dance in the rain and put together an easy to learn dance routine in a 45 minute workshop.

Now in our Single & Solo Routines dance classes we take you through the routine as part of our rotation of dances (umbrellas optional!).

Man in suit and trilby hat performing Singin' in the Rain inspired dance routine

Single & Solo Dance Classes Cost?

Our Solo Routine classes are £8.50 per session.

There are package discounts available of 5 sessions for £38.25 (valid for 3 months) or 10 sessions for £68 (valid for 6 months).

Sessions are valid for all our classes.

Can I Take Part in the Classes Online?

We offer a chance to access our catch-up service and take part in classes online.

Streamed classes and private lessons are also possible.

Access to catch-up service is £10pw or £25 for 4 weeks.

FitSteps Dance Fitness

For those looking for a more fitness based class we also offer FitSteps Dance Fitness classes.

Created by Ian Waite & Natalie Lowe.

These classes aren't currently running during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Solo Dance Routine Classes

About Us

LearnToDance is a Ballroom and Latin American dance school based in Berkshire & South Buckinghamshire.

Address: Cherry Orchard Pavilion, Britwell Road, Burnham, SL1 8DL

Phone: 01628 663401
Mobile: 07736 272225

Email: info@learndance.co.uk

Our Services

At LearnToDance we offer a variety of dance styles and levels.  In addition we also provide First Dance choreography and run regular Social Events.

Classes and private lessons run throughout the week and are mainly based at our dedicated studio in Burnham.

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