A couple of galleries to show the fun that we had whilst in St Lucia on our houneymoon in August 2010.

Friends from St Lucia

Just a few of the great people that we met whilst on honeymoon!

Dance Classes in St Lucia

Whether we're at home or abroad we always strive to make sure our students enjoy their dancing, obviously it helps when everyone's on holiday.

Beach Parties

Saturday night and it's time for a beach party. Every Saturday a local dance group come in and put on a dance, fire eating, and limbo show. Trust Antony to get roped in to the demonstrations!

Other activities

It's not all about the dancing, there's plenty of other activities to keep you entertained, here's just a few...

Weekly staff show

A Wednesday night is staff show night, a chance for the staff to let their hair down (or put wigs on) and create a fun and entertaining show for all the guests.

Gorgeous landscapes

Not many places are more beautiful than St Lucia, and these are during the rainy season!!!.

About Us

Learn To Dance was set up by husband and wife team Antony & Emma-Louise Holeksa in May 2006. 

We offer a range of dance classes for all ages and abilities.

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